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GrowingHomeLogoGrowing Home November Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to check them out on our Service Opportunities page on the website.

Scope - Kenya Mission Needs Help

They are desparate for helpers to sort, repair and pack 75,000 books for shipping in the next two weeks. Click here for location, hours, and contact information.

The Restored Order explained by Fr. David

The following is the video of the Restored Order by Fr. David. Please click on the arrow to view.

The following is the text from the video.

Think about these two realities that we face as a modern day society.  The first reality concerns current religious data.  Worldwide in 2010, an average of 41,000 people were born into or entered the Catholic Church – every single day.  However during that same year, 11.6 million Christians across the globe abandoned their faith.  In America today, the fastest growing religious “denomination” in the United States is “unaffiliated.”  Nearly half of all cradle Catholics who become unaffiliated leave the Church altogether by the age of 18.   Overall, 53% of American adults have left the faith of their childhood.   For many of you, I know your heart breaks because your children or grandchildren do not practice their Catholic faith or because they have left the Church altogether.

The second reality we face as a society concerns what our children are exposed to at a younger age.  With the growing influence of the internet because of easy access to it and because of what is available on it, children today are exposed to things that most of us never had to experience at a younger age, and they are being influenced by what they see and hear.  For all of us, this should be a major concern.

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Parish Activities

November 30 Mass Intention Book for next year will open...(more info)

December 6 Blood Drive...(more info)

December 8th & 9th National Night of Prayer for Life...(more info)

December 12 Our Lady of Guadalupe Fiesta...(more info)

December 20 2nd Annual Catholic Families Night with the Nuggets...(more info)



Spirit of Christ is a Stewardship Community

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Parish Mission Statement

"We, the diverse members of this vibrant Catholic Community, commit ourselves to loving and serving one another in the unifying and healing Spirit of Jesus. We value and celebrate the breaking of the bread as the source and summit of our Christian lives. We strive to reach out in our brokenness to all of our brothers and sisters as we together struggle for a more just and equitable society."

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